• 铜制斗拱的惊艳和效果
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Dougong is a component with the most national characteristics, the most significant and unique characteristics in Chinese ancient architecture. It is widely spread in Japan, North Korea, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. It has a far-reaching impact on the architectural development in Asia, and it is also a unique masterpiece in the history of world architecture.

It is an indispensable general component in large-scale buildings such as halls, pavilions, pavilions, pavilions and archways in ancient Chinese architecture.

With the changes of the times, modern buildings are mainly concrete structures, which greatly improves the load and seismic resistance of contemporary buildings. Therefore, in terms of auxiliary decorative accessories, more consideration should be given to the simple installation, the self weight of decorative materials, as well as the service life and beauty of products.

In Chinese traditional cognition, the bucket arch was mainly made of wood. At that time, the buildings were mainly made of wood structure, in which the bucket arch mainly produced the functions of load, earthquake resistance and decoration

The nature of copper is mild, corrosion-resistant, antibacterial and antioxidant, not easy to be damaged, and its life is longer than that of wood. Compared with wood, copper is more resistant to years, and has excellent style and gorgeous color. It gives people a solemn and dignified visual influence. It is thick and calm without losing elegance, and contains new ideas in the ancient atmosphere.