• 铜吊灯的颜色搭配方法
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2、天花吊顶选色参考的因素。选择吊顶色彩一般需要考察瓷砖的颜色与厨柜的颜色,以协调、同一为原则;深色彩铝扣板一般为点缀,除非设计师特地设计的风格 。


1. The color of ceiling shall not be deeper than the floor, and the top color shall not exceed three colors. The most basic rule of choosing ceiling color is that the color should not be deeper than the floor, otherwise it is easy to feel top heavy. If the wall tone is light color series, it will be more appropriate to use white ceiling,

2. Reference factors for color selection of ceiling. Choosing the color of the ceiling generally needs to investigate the color of the ceramic tile and the color of the kitchen cabinet, based on the principle of coordination and identity; Dark color aluminum gusset plate is generally decorated, unless the designer specially designs the style.

3. The wall has strong color, which is most suitable for white ceiling. Generally speaking, the use of white ceiling is the least easy to make mistakes, especially when the wall has strong colors, the color of ceiling is white, which will not rob the original exaggerated wall color, otherwise it is easy to have a disordered feeling due to too many colors.