• 铜浮雕壁画背景墙
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铜浮雕壁画,铜艺雕刻浮雕背景墙特别适用于酒店、KTV、餐厅、 别墅、宾馆、茶楼、家庭等室内背景墙装饰与隔断装饰。 






Copper relief mural and copper art sculpture relief background wall are especially suitable for indoor background wall decoration and partition decoration of hotels, KTV, restaurants, villas, hotels, teahouses, families and so on.

Copper relief murals, copper art sculptures, relief background walls, clear and delicate bronze stripes, close look, beautiful and generous, very beautiful in classical art; From a distance, it is delicate and charming, that is, it has the charm of pity for fragrance and jade.

Copper relief mural background wall is suitable for various places because of its stability, atmosphere, beauty and luxury.

The combination of copper and relief, exquisite color, in the detailed lines, the looming patterns can obtain different visual feelings from all angles, change the glass, rich and colorful.

Through technology, linear lines, concave and convex, bright at high places and dark at low places, fierce comparison, dark flowers are wear-resistant and durable under the glaze protective layer, and the artistic conception of "looking at the mountain side horizontally and forming peaks, with different distances and heights" is ready to come out.

Shenzhong copper decorative copper project includes carving, hollowing out, national characteristic style, modern art style, western style, classical art style, etc. It shows the fashion style of modern decorative home, and can create, elegant and warm effects in different spaces. It is mainly composed of green bronze, yellow bronze and red bronze. The shades are all selected from personal hobbies.