• 旋转铜门配置及操作系统
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Configuration of revolving copper door:


Anti collision sensor:


It is installed in the front of the top of each exhibition box, and the revolving door returns to normal after the pedestrians walk away


Anti pinch induction tape:

安装在展箱立柱与旋转门出入口右侧立柱上,如碰到物体或受到挤压, 门会马上停止移动,防止伤行人

It is installed on the column of the exhibition box and the right column of the entrance and exit of the revolving door. In case of any object or extrusion, the door will stop moving immediately to prevent injury to pedestrians



Anti collision sensor:


When the object is detected by infrared ray, the door begins to slow down and stop running;


Anti collision inductive probe:


It is installed at the front of each exhibition box, and the revolving copper door is customized to contact. When the infrared probe detects pedestrians, the revolving copper door (top ten brands of copper doors) will stop automatically. The price of revolving copper door will be customized to prevent collision with pedestrians;


Operating system of revolving copper door:


1. The control part adopts the imported microcomputer digital servo control, and the transmission part is imported from Germany, which ensures the noise of the revolving door and the stable and accurate operation

2、正常运转: 旋转门以(2-3)周/分钟慢速不停运转;

2. Normal operation: the revolving door rotates at a slow speed of (2-3) cycles / min;

3、快速运转: 当有行人或物体通过时,门开始提速,以(4-6)周/分钟(可调)的速度旋转;

3. Fast operation: when there are pedestrians or objects passing through, the door starts to speed up and rotates at a speed of (4-6) cycles / min (adjustable);

4、慢速运转: 当有老人,小孩或伤残人员通过时,按下慢速按扭,旋转门保持慢速旋转一周后,自动恢复到正常运转速度

4. Slow running: when there are old people, children or disabled people passing through, press the slow button, and the revolving door will rotate slowly for one week, and then it will automatically return to normal operation speed

5、感应门状态: 根椐气候变化和人群流量的大小选用自动感应门状态,不仅增大了人群流量,还节 省了能源

5. Sensor door state: according to the climate change and the size of the crowd flow, the automatic sensing door state is selected, which not only increases the crowd flow, but also saves energy

6、停电及消防状态: 当旋转门接收到火警或停电信号时,旋转门门扇和感应门同时达到开启状态;

6. Power failure and fire protection status: when the revolving door receives the fire alarm or power failure signal, the revolving door leaf and the sensing door reach the open state at the same time;

7、锁门状态: 夜间或旋转门停止工作时,把旋转门设置成此状态

7. Lock state: set the revolving door to this state at night or when the revolving door stops working